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Monday, February 27, 2012
March - April 2012 Newsletter
Governor's Remarks

Spring is on its way and our Moose fraternal year ends April 30, 2012. If anyone is interested in running for office in Tuscola Lodge #729, the form is included in the newsletter or see the acting
administrator Fred Galey for full-size forms. The nominating
committee will be meeting in March. A list of officers will be on the bulletin board in March. Election of officers will be during the first Lodge meeting in April.

I would like to thank everyone who has signed new members. And remember that if you sign 2 new or re-enrolling members and get your dues paid for next year.

Don’t forget family dinner nights Wednesday through Friday 5:00pm-9:00pm, and lunches on Thursday and Friday 11:00-2:00.

Check your newsletter and the social quarters for upcoming events. Lodge meeting nights are the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 6:30pm. We would like to see you there!

Fraternally yours,

Alan Hettinger


from our W.O.T.M. Officers

You could not ask for a more mild winter than the one we have had this year. It really has been nice to see warmer
temperatures and know that spring is just around the corner. Grilling, camping and other fun outdoor activities will soon be filling our lives. Do not forget our Lodge serves food Wed-Sat now so you can get going to your activities.

Texas Card Party is a fundraiser held by the WOTM on Friday nights and the LOOM on Tuesday nights. Please support Mooseheart and Moosehaven and have fun doing it. We are in need of volunteers to help take money and get the game started. If you are interested in helping please leave a
message at the Lodge and it will be passed to the Women to contact you. Good Luck to you!

WOTM will be holding another Fannie and Charlie
burger fundraiser March 13th. Please come to the Lodge and support Mooseheart and Moosehaven and get
awesome food.

Officers are NEEDED for the 2012-2013 year. We will be
voting in March and installation will held in April. The Chapter year is May through April. Any co-worker is eligible to run for an office and all are welcome to serve. We are also in need of Chairmen for the monthly committees. If you have any
questions as to what the duties for officers and chairmen entail please contact the current officers or refer to your general laws book. ALL co-workers are also encouraged to attend the monthly meetings the 1st and 3rd meeting of the month. Changes can only be made if you do your part of your duty as a co-worker. If we do not get people to volunteer your
Chapter will not succeed.

Dawn Kauffman
Jr Grad Regent



to discuss the possible purchase
of the lot directly east of the Moose Lodge. The lot is currently owned by Darren Cooper and he wishes to sell it to us.
All details will be given at the meeting.

Wednesday, April 11



Our Moose year is coming to a close. You still have until April 18th to have 2 members signed to have your dues paid for one year. There quite a few members who have
sponsored one member this past year, just one more saves you $40.00. Once again Moose International has waived the $20.00 application fee, so joining the Lodge costs only $40.00 (your first year’s dues).

Hats off to everyone who sponsored a new or former
member this past year. Tuscola is seeing yet another record year for membership growth. As of the writing of this article, the Tuscola Lodge ranks #1 in the State for new applications and membership growth.

With the Lodge election of Officers, will come a new
Governor and he will appoint a new Membership Chairman to begin on May 1st. I have enjoyed this past year and the challenge of keeping the membership board up to date. Also please keep in mind the Annual Membership Dinner will be held in May. The only way to receive an invitation to this dinner is to sponsor at least 1 member.

Fraternally Yours
Membership Chairman


“Create Some Interest” in the Moose

Sponsor 2 new or re-enrolled members into the Moose between May 1 and April 30 each year and have your dues paid for you by Moose International!
Congratulations to following Tuscola Moose members have already gotten their dues paid for next year:

Larry Payton Kelly A. Williams
Joe Harris Alan Hettinger
Gary Doud Jeff Harris
James Crowe, Jr Bernie Kirkman
Dan Fellner Danny Cleland
Chip Haake Jerry Neal
Kelly S. Williams Butch Price
Tom Hettinger Robert Gabbard
Jeff Knight John Chambers
Ron Hodge Mark Pugh
Larry Ring Harlon Holt
Terry Payton Shorty Lewis
Bryan Puckett Matt Wheeler
Mike Krutsinger Fran Heinz
Carol Postlewait Dawn Kauffman
Ellen Hettinger Judy Fields
Tracie Harp Nikki Knight
Cassie Sigler Marcia Williams
Lisa Moraski Shelby Rahn
Sharon Campbell Mary Jo Dunn
Jeanette Galey


If you want to make sure some info is printed in the
upcoming newsletter, you better leave MJ a note.
Don’t count on her to remember, or just expect her to
know every event going on.

There will be no saying “why isn’t ___ in the newsletter?”
if you didn’t tell her!

Email to :
or leave it at the Moose
for Mary Jo Dunn

Deadline for May/June Newsletter is April 18th


Bring your membership cards to the Moose when you visit.

You never know when you may be asked to show it, and please do not be offended when asked to do so.
Moose International expects you to be able to show a current membership card every time you enter the social quarters.
Mooseheart and Moosehaven depend on our dues payments!


Upcoming Texas Card Parties


Members only
Guests can play twice

Point system being used for
special tournaments in
May and October 2012
—see Jeff Harris for details


Welcome to our newest Members of the Tuscola Moose Family Center:

Brian Bosch Matt Boyer Bart Brewer William Childress
Spike Cooper Jack Corum Bob Davis Kevin Douthitt
Alan Elliott Rich Erickson Matt Franks Greg Herschberger
Jeff Huthcraft Chris Jones Eric Lantz Travis Mast
Chuck Mateer Kevin McCall Matt Umbarger Charles Prout
Tim Ray Toby Ring Keven Smothers Edward Steele
Dean Sutherlin Ryan Tabeling Todd Thomas Allison Branca
Kim Underwood Mark Wesch Steve Wetzel Debra West
Brad Witt Richard WyningerJoshua Wilson Susan Goulet
Kari Cummings Courtney Luth Nichole Bates Debbie Hettinger
Heather Brown Judy Tharp Katrina Rahn Peggy Dundas
Judy Eastin Juras

We also welcome back former members:
Kenneth Anderson, Jr Reggie Arnett John Dodson Ronald Gardner
Darrel Haake (transfer) Darin Kresin Josh Lange Art Moss
Darrel Paden Larry Paden Shane Ring Toni Jones


m & m
When you think of the Moose, remember the m & m’s we are here for…
Mooseheart and Moosehaven


From the Kitchen:
We would like to thank everyone for making the start of 2012 as successful as the end of 2011. For anyone who hasn’t heard, we are serving menu items Thursday & Friday from 11am-2pm, and are also open for dinner Wednesday through Saturday from 5pm-9pm. Thursdays we have added a new special—prime rib! We appreciate your business and your patience during the busy times! Spring is around the corner, so we hope to see everyone including those of you that the winter weather has kept in.
—Bryan Puckett

* * * MENU * * *

Serving from full menu

Thursday & Friday


Wednesday thru Saturday

Extra specials made be added on occasion

Either Tacos or Italian Beef added on Wednesdays

Thursdays Special is Prime Rib
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Pub Chips 4.75
Basket of fries 4.75
Poppers 4.75
Mushrooms 5.00
Onion Rings 5.00
Cheese Sticks 4.75
Chicken Wings 6.25
Sampler 6.75

Chicken Salad 7.50
Ribeye or Shrimp Salad 8.50
Salad Bar (plate) (F/S only) 4.50
Salad Bar (bowl) (F/S only) 2.50

French Fries 2.25
Pub Chips 2.25
Onion Rings 2.50
Mushrooms 2.50
Cole Slaw 2.25
Baked Potato 2.25
Loaded Potato 3.75
Texas Toast 1.50
Grilled shrimp skewer 6.00

Chicken 8.00

KIDS MENU (served with chips)
Fish Sandwich (F/S only) 4.00
Chicken Tenders 3.50
Hot Dog 2.00
Hamburger 4.00
Grilled Cheese 3.00

Shrimp 9.00
Chicken Tenders 6.50

Pulled Pork 4.25
Hamburger 4.25
Bryan Burger 4.50
- Double 6.50
Mooseburger 5.00
- Double 7.00
Patty Melt 5.00
Ham & Cheese 4.50
Reuben 5.75
Tenderloin 5.00
Chicken 4.75
5oz Ribeye Sand 6.75
Smoked Chop 6.50
BLT 4.00
Cod Sandwich (F/S only) 5.50
Walleye Sandwich (F/S only) 5.50
Catfish Sandwich (F/S only) 5.50
Cheese or Bacon add .50

Pork Chop 9.00
Fried Chicken 8.00
Shrimp (fried/grilled) 14.50
Ribeye (12oz) 15.75
Cod (F/S only) 9.50
Walleye (F/S only) 9.50
Catfish (F/S only) 9.50

SOUP—ask server 2.75/3.75


Times for Calendar Events

Lunch— Thursday & Friday 11am-2pm

Family Grill—Wednesday thru Saturday 5pm-9pm

Lodge Meetings—1st and 3rd Wednesdays 6:00pm

Women of the Moose Meetings—1st & 3rd Wednesdays 7:00pm

Texas Card Party—7:00pm


Euchre Tournament—1:00pm

Bags Tournament—4:00pm

NOTE: Private parties being held in the back room fill up the parking lot, but we would still like to have you in for dinner in the social quarters


Bingo Workers
#1 Thursday of the Month
March 1
April 5
R. Miller-K. Williams
R. Miller
A. Hettinger-F. Melanson

#2 Thursday of the Month
March 8
April 12
R. Miller-B. Edgar
R. Miller
J. Rairden-T. Harriss

#3 Thursday of the Month
March 15
April 19
J. Harris-J. Harris
J. Harris
J. Pangburn-R. Young

#4 Thursday of the Month
March 22
April 26
R. Miller-B. McCollam
R. Miller
K. Williams-T. Hettinger

#5 Thursday of the Month
March 29
R. Miller-K. Williams
R. Miller
A. Hettinger-F. Melanson


Tuscola Lodge 729

I, __________________________________________,
(first and last name)

Wish to be considered for the elected office of

(Governor, Junior Governor, Treasurer, Prelate, 3-yr Trustee)

I recognize the responsibilities and duties of the
office and am willing to devote the necessary time and effort required by the office if elected.



(submit this completed form to the Nominating Committee as soon as possible)


Tuscola Chapter 1011

I, __________________________________________,
(first and last name)

Wish to be considered for the elected office of

(Sr. Regent, Jr. Regent, Recorder, Secretary, Chaplain)

I recognize the responsibilities and duties of the
office and am willing to devote the necessary time and effort required by the office if elected.



(submit this completed form to the Nominating Committee as soon as possible)


Congratulations to our
Moose members who participated
in the
Moose International
Texas Hold’em Tournament
in Las Vegas!

Darla Bates and Jim Crowe were our lucky
winners of our local Texas Card Party
tournament. They won a free trip and entry into the Moose International Texas Hold’em Tournament in Las Vegas. Several other area members went along with them:
Joe Harris, Jeff Harris, Chris Harris, Jason Harris, Brian Brace and Dave Penn. They were part of the 820 members from all over the world participating in the tournament at the Golden Nugget casino from Sunday to
Thursday. Everyone except Jeff made it to the 2nd day of play. Three made it far enough to the monetary prizes: Brian got 56th, Joe got 46th, and Dave got 25th.


Current password
for the Members Only area
of the Moose International website is “zip”
(the last password should also work,
which was “mission”)


Make your plans now to attend the Moose
International Annual Convention in Tampa


Nominating Committee Meeting
Wednesday, March 7


Tuscola Moose Scholarship Forms

are available at our
Tuscola Moose Family Center
and the area schools.
Completed forms are due back
by May 1, 2012


Moose Garage Sale
is being held again on
Friday, April 13 and Saturday, April 14

Drop off your donation items
starting April 1st

Contact Jeanette Galey with any questions


Fannie & Charlie’s
Burger Night

Tuesday, March 13th
Serving 5pm—9pm

Single Fannie Burger & Chips $3.00
Single Fannie Burger & Fries $4.00
Double Fannie Burger & Chips $4.00
Double Fannie Burger & Fries $5.00


Euchre Tournaments
1st & 3rd Sundays starting at 1:00pm

March 4 April 1
March 18 April 15

For more information, contact Joe Harris


Moose International Regional Bags Tournament
Downer’s Grove Moose Lodge #1535
July 20-21, 2012
Registration forms will be available at the Moose International
website, www.mooseintl.org and they will be using the rules
posted at www.playcornhole.org
A limited number of rooms will be reserved at the Oakbrook Hills Marriott about 4 miles away from the Lodge.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Bags Tournament
Tuscola Moose every Sunday


As of March 1, 2012
the price for can & bottle beer
will be changing to


Tuscola Moose Family Center is
Request to be added to the Friend list
and watch for postings about
current events at the Moose!
Look for “Moose Lodge Tuscola”


“Every other Saturday night” Drawing

Get on the board for $500+ prize
if winner is present at drawing
*Members only *


Moose-Gate !

Thurs, March 1 Michigan 6:00pm
Sun, March 4 @Wisconsin TBD

Check social quarters for updates on TBD games.

Food served, whether it be ordering from the menu or brought in by volunteers.

We will be having a Fan Appreciation night some time in March. Watch for details posted in the social quarters.

For specific game info go to:



Thursday 7pm
*Open to the public
*Bring a friend!



The next Pork Chop Drive-Ups will be held on

Sunday, March 11
Sunday, April 8
The cost of the meal is $10.00 and the proceeds help
various community groups and our Family Center.

Tickets are for sale at:
First Mid Illinois Bank & Trust,
and the Moose Family Center.

Thursday, July 30, 2015
from Moose International
Go to MooseRewards.org to redeem your points!

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